School Uniform

Students wear their uniform with pride


Each student at Mary Webb School and Science College is expected to wear the uniform as prescribed in the school brochure.  Certain fashion styles of school clothing are not suitable as they pose a health and safety issue, e.g. high heels, backless shoes and toeless sandals.  The governors expect staff to take account of such issues when checking uniform.

The uniform was carefully chosen by the governors and staff.  It is both smart and attractive as well as being practical.  We believe that uniform has a unifying factor and students are encouraged to wear their school uniform with pride and as an outward symbol of their commitment to the school community.

School ties and clothing that carries the school logo can be purchased through:

School Shop Direct

Unit 17 – 18 Sundorne Trade Park

Featherbed Lane



Tel: 01743 440449

Opening Times Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm, Saturday 9am – 4pm

General Points: Uniform

We request the co-operation and support of all parents/carers in ensuring that high standards of dress are maintained and that students wear the correct uniform.

Trousers should be made from an appropriate plain material. Leggings, jeans or cords are not appropriate styles/materials for school trousers. Detailing such as shiny zipped pockets are not permitted.

Trainers are only to be worn in PE practical lessons.

If a t-shirt is worn under the shirt, it must be white and devoid of any visible logo, design or brand name.

Please note that the wearing of the school jumper is compulsory in the classroom and around school. However, in warm weather, staff will usually permit students to remove their jumpers if they so wish.

The wearing of baseball caps or headgear of any sort is not permitted in the school buildings at any time.

All clothing and equipment should be clearly labelled with the student’s name to assist in the recovery of lost items.

If you have any queries or difficulties arise regarding the provision of uniform, please contact the Key Stage Leaders: Miss Pugh for Key Stage 3 students and Mr Jervis for Key Stage 4 students, or email


General Points

Extremes of hairstyles / hair colour are not permitted. Make-up, if worn, must be subtle and discreet.

Students may wear one stud earring in each ear. No other forms of jewellery are permitted. All forms of other facial/body piercing are strictly forbidden.

Practical PE lessons: long hair must be tied back and earrings removed.

Practical subjects: in some lessons, such as science and technology subjects, long hair must be tied back.


Coming Soon: Suggested links to websites from parents to assist with purchasing appropriate uniform items for your child