Form Tutors

For Academic Year 2022-2023

Listed below are the form tutors for academic year 2022 – 2023

Assistant Headteacher, Key Stage 3 – Miss. S Pugh

Assistant Headteacher, Key Stage 4 – Mr. M Jervis

Head of House Cairo – Mr. R Hollands

Head of House – Lima – Mrs. V Lee

Head of House – Paris – Miss. B Sadler

Head of House Tokyo – Mrs. L Shuker

Head of House Washington – Mr. J Bird


Year 7 Form Tutors

7C – Mr. J Boken/Mr. D Glynn

7L – Ms. S Parveen

7P – Mr. C Thorley/ Miss. E Howell

7T – Mrs. R Richards

7W – Mrs. Butcher/Miss. G Oakley

Year 8 Form Tutors

8C – Mrs. I Chorr

8L – Mr. G Sassano

8P – Mrs. S Manders

8T – Ms. C Desvaux

8W – Mr. A Walker

Year 9 Form Tutors

9C – Mr. R Hollands

9L – Mrs. E Jebb

9P – Mr. B Finch

9T – Mr. D White

9W – Mr. J Bird

Year 10 Form Tutors

10C – Mr. P South

10L – Mr. B Seager

10P – Miss. B Sadler

10T – Mr. M Osmond

10W – Ms J Thompson

Year 11 Form Tutors

11C – Dr. G Ward

10L – Mrs. V Lee

10P – Mr. J Seager/Miss. E Howell

10T – Mr. P Lee

10W – Mrs. V Jevons