Communication with parents / carers via email and texting is extremley important

Mary Webb School and Science College is registered with a service called ParentMail which enables schools to send their letters and messages direct to parents by email or text message.

As you will know, we try very hard to improve the service that we deliver to you and to your children by communicating as frequently as possible so that everyone is kept informed. ParentMail is part of this effort. The service is already being used by more than a thousand schools around the UK. We will, however, continue to send paper messages home as well. We hope the result of this will be that you receive information from the school in a more reliable and effective manner, and that you will no longer need to trawl through the contents of your children’s school bags!

The service is efficient, reliable, confidential, and doesn’t cost anything and I would urge you to consider using it. The ParentMail service is registered with the Data Protection Registrar and guarantees that all information supplied will be kept completely private.

If you have previously been registered at your son’s or daughter’s primary school you will be aware of the benefits of the service. However, please note that the service does not carry over from one school to another, and we will need to create a new account for you. Also note that changes to the ParentMail system mean that we now have to registrar parents – parents can no longer register themselves.

If you would like to benefit from this service please click on the link below, print off, complete and sign the form and send it into school for the attention of Mrs Murray:

ParentMail Application Form