Our friends of the school.

The governors are responsible for setting and maintaining the ethos and strategic direction of the school. This includes ensuring that the school is assisting each student to achieve high standards and make good progress.  In doing so they act as critical friends, supporting and challenging the school to provide each and every student with the opportunity to achieve their full potential within a safe and secure environment.



Chair of Governors

Mr Robert Douglas

Vice Chair of Governors

Mr Greg Lawrence

Link Trustees to Mary Webb School and Science College:

Jane Woodall

Parent Governors

Parent Governors are elected for four years by parents at the school. Our current Parent Governors are:

Mrs Caroline Ewels

Mrs Nicki Heathorn

Mr Greg Lawrence


Co-Opted Governors

The Governing Body is required to identify the skills and experience it requires to fulfil its role and appoint up to seven governors for a period of up to 4 years.  Our current Co-opted Governors are:

Mr Robert Douglas

Mr M Cribb, OBE

Mr Andrew Goff

Mr John Riley

Mr Geoff Rogers

Rev Greg Smith

Staff Governor

Our current elected staff Governor is:

Miss Emma Weston


The Mary Webb School & Science College Headteacher is:

Mr Peter Lowe-Werrell

The governors work with the headteacher and other school staff to promote high standards of educational achievement at the school.  In setting the strategic direction for the school they help decide how the school should develop in order to maintain and improve its standards of education, and approve the policies, plans and procedures which will support that development.


Meetings of the local governing body take place at least once each term.  There is a clear committee structure and most committees meet at least once per year.  Each governor is linked to a subject or an aspect of school life to help build a relationship with school personnel and gain knowledge of how the school works.  We work hard to ensure that decisions made are based on a secure knowledge of the school to create the most favourable conditions:

For learning to flourish and achievements are high

To ensure the good use of money

For a safe, secure, and pleasant environment to learn/work in

To promote sound organisation

To recruit and retain excellent staff

To adopt and implement policies which are fair, and which encourage good student behaviour, motivate staff and students, and for everyone to achieve their potential