Teaching and Learning

We really believe that every child matters; all students have individual targets to aspire to achieve and we are proud of all students who go on to realise their potential. 

"Students are keen to learn"
Ofsted, 2013

Standards at the end of Key Stage 4, including the proportion of students gaining five or more GCSE passes at A*-C with both English and mathematics, are above the national average.  In 2013 every student leaving Mary Webb School had at least five GCSE passes. 

Quality teaching and learning lies at the heart of what we are striving to achieve. As a teaching staff we aim to provide stimulating, active lessons where students are engaged and making good and often outstanding progress.  Well-used assessment drives teaching and learning.  Knowing our students and providing them with opportunities to demonstrate their abilities enables staff to monitor progress and identify the next steps in learning.
Lessons are designed to meet the needs of all students.  Activities provide challenge that moves learning forward.  Learning is supported so that students feel safe to take risks and ask questions.  Homework is used effectively to extend and enrich learning.  Progress is monitored and shared with the students and their parents/carers.
As a staff we invest time in keeping ourselves up to date with the current best practice in teaching and learning.  This includes regularly seeking feedback from students as part of an ongoing review process.  We know what outstanding teaching and learning looks like and so do our students.  Students enjoy lessons and achieve.
We know that all students are on a personal journey and so it is very important that achievement at all levels is celebrated.  Our team of dedicated teaching assistants, led by the school’s SENCo, work to ensure that our students with special educational needs and/or disabilities receive support and make good progress.  
“Disabled students and those who have special educational needs make good progress.”
Ofsted 2013