Science College Status

Originally designated as a specialist school for science in 2003 and continuing to be so since, our specialist status recognises curriculum excellence in science and its sister subject mathematics.

The specialism embraces all aspects of school life and leads on strategies to motivate and inspire the school and the wider community.  We promote participation and achievement within and beyond the school, and actively support the development of the scientists, technologists, engineers and mathematicians of the future.

Within school our students benefit from being at the leading edge in providing opportunities for increased participation.  These range from the number of courses we are able to offer at Key Stage 4 through to leadership opportunities and participation in regional and national events including the CREST Awards, the National Science and Engineering Fair and National Science and Engineering Week.  The proportion of students opting for Triple Science at Key Stage 4 is well above average and increasing every year with results that are well above average.


Our outreach programme also aims to provide the wider community with the same increased participation opportunities.  The work we do with our partner schools strives to support the teaching and learning of science and mathematics through interactive events and innovative technologies.  This includes the work of our Science Leaders; Key Stage 4 ambassadors for science who provide support for primary students whether it is through internet-based video conferencing or hands-on encouragement through workshops. 

We work with and for the wider community to support life-long learning through sharing and providing educational experiences.  This takes on a variety of forms, from organising family events such as Robot Wars to working with Shropshire Wildlife to provide educational activities around our local environment, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB).  These contribute to our much wider extended schools service.  We are committed to education for all and education for life, listening to need and working together.